What's New in Admissions

In this webinar, get a preview of the new features coming to the admission portal 3.0, plus learn about the implementation process. The new admission portal includes:

  • Platform upgrade to 3.0: overhauled aesthetic in line with parent, student, and teacher portals

  • Greater configuration flexibility

  • The ability to add multiple admission portals (e.g., one for the regular school year and one for your summer program)

  • Create school-defined checklist item categories

  • Parents can update their demographic information

  • New inquiry forms

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Axiom Charting: Best Practices

In this webinar we will explore the key factors for building great charts, namely asking good questions, building the right queries, and designing clear charts. We will finish the session by building a complex academic progress chart together utilizing the principles from the first part of the webinar.

Prerequisite: This webinar will *not* introduce Axiom charts; rather, we assume you have worked through the "Axiom Charts" video series.

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Plan For the Best, Prepare for the Trickiest: Capacity Planning and Common Admissions/Enrollment Exceptions

December 6, 2018

Learn: You plan for the numbers you want to hit in your admissions season, but need to be ready to handle admissions and enrollment exceptions. In this webinar, learn about capacity planning and how to handle common admissions/enrollment exceptions, such as prospects who apply for the wrong year, or a change that comes in the middle of the admissions season

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From Here to There: Shortcuts and Efficiencies in Axiom

November 8, 2018

Learn: Do you use Axiom? Do you use a keyboard? Of course you do! Did you know there are ton of great shortcuts throughout the system that can save you time as you go about your daily work in Veracross? Like this one: Ctrl+s (Cmd+s on Mac) is the equivalent of clicking "Update" in Axiom. Come to learn — and share — some favorites and become the Axiom navigation pro you've always wanted to be.

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The Class-Student Shuffle: Registrar Duties

Oct 11, 2018

Learn: In this webinar, led by a Veracross account manager who was formerly a school's registrar, take a close look at the Review Class Configuration query, so central to ensuring that your academic year runs smoothly. In the second half, take a look at class enrollment records and get an overview of transferring students between classes using Axiom.

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