What's New in Admissions

In this webinar, get a preview of the new features coming to the admission portal 3.0, plus learn about the implementation process. The new admission portal includes:

  • Platform upgrade to 3.0: overhauled aesthetic in line with parent, student, and teacher portals

  • Greater configuration flexibility

  • The ability to add multiple admission portals (e.g., one for the regular school year and one for your summer program)

  • Create school-defined checklist item categories

  • Parents can update their demographic information

  • New inquiry forms

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

April 20, 2017

Demo: The Parent/Teacher Conference module allows schools to manage and track conference events within Axiom, teachers to view their conference schedules in the Teacher Portal, and parents to sign-up for them in the Parent Portal. In this demo, see the different features from both the administrative end in Axiom, as well as the Parent and Teacher perspectives in their Portals.

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News & Events Portals

October 26, 2016

Demo: Communication between schools and their constituents is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we’ve made it our goal with our new News & Events Portal to create a single destination where constituents can receive personalized news and event information. This webinar recording shows you how to leverage this new module to improve communication at your school.

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Online (Re)Enrollment

October 1, 2015

Demo: Still doing paper contracts? Learn how you can transform your enrollment and re-enrollment processes by bringing them online using the Veracross Online Enrollment Module. Personalized, customized, and integrated, see how Veracross can improve this critical business process for your school. This recorded webinar will provide a thorough introduction to the module including how to gather student permissions, family updates, and payments, as well as how to see up-to-the-minute numbers providing instant feedback.

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Financial Aid

September 29, 2015

Demo: The Veracross Financial Aid module is your ticket to successfully managing your financial aid applications, checklists, aid amounts, and personalized financial aid letters. View this recording to give you an overview of the module and its features including the integration between the FinancialAid module and Veracross Online (Re)Enrollment. 

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Development: Online Donations and Pledges

August 20th, 2015

Learn/Demo: Get introduced to the NEW Veracross online giving forms. The smart forms allow gifts to flow directly to the database for quick review and automatically create the appropriate donor and gift records in the database. The platform allows your office to create as many forms as you need for campaigns, events, specific grade levels or even class years. Learn how the forms can be used to target donors using personalized data, increase giving and streamline gift processing.

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