Student Policy Forms

October 20, 2016

Learn: Student Policies are an important part of the Veracross Online Re-Enrollment process, allowing schools to have parents select answers to important policy questions. Computer use agreements, photo releases, and consent to the terms in the student handbook are only a few of the many uses of Student Policies. This webinar recording will show how to implement and maintain the set of policies right for your school.

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Dynamic Salutations & Other Salutation Features

April 26, 2016

Learn: It is important to set the right tone in written communication; choosing the right salutation is often the “first impression” and most important starting point. Veracross salutations now offer many tools to configure salutations both system-wide and narrowly per person or per household. This webinar recording includes details on how to use Veracross salutations effectively.

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Day to Day Admin Tasks

February 18, 2016

Learn: This recording focuses on every day administrative Veracross tasks. We go step by step through each process, ensuring that you have what you need to complete these tasks. The following will be covered: batch updating fields, batch inserting records, using the Veracross Data Importer, using the Veracross Photo Manager, and how to manage portal links.


1. Batch Inserting and Updating data

2. Data Importer

3. Photo Uploader

4. Portal Links

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