What's New in Admissions

In this webinar, get a preview of the new features coming to the admission portal 3.0, plus learn about the implementation process. The new admission portal includes:

  • Platform upgrade to 3.0: overhauled aesthetic in line with parent, student, and teacher portals

  • Greater configuration flexibility

  • The ability to add multiple admission portals (e.g., one for the regular school year and one for your summer program)

  • Create school-defined checklist item categories

  • Parents can update their demographic information

  • New inquiry forms

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Plan For the Best, Prepare for the Trickiest: Capacity Planning and Common Admissions/Enrollment Exceptions

December 6, 2018

Learn: You plan for the numbers you want to hit in your admissions season, but need to be ready to handle admissions and enrollment exceptions. In this webinar, learn about capacity planning and how to handle common admissions/enrollment exceptions, such as prospects who apply for the wrong year, or a change that comes in the middle of the admissions season

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New Admissions Features - Fall 2016

October 6, 2016

Learn: This webinar recording covers three new Admission Module features. During the 22 minute runtime, it covers the ability for a school to control what requirements must be met before an Application record is created, the new Account Lookup feature that helps schools avoid duplicates, and the ability to control which applications show up in the Admissions Portal.

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How to Set up and Publish Decision Letters

January 21, 2016

Learn: Setting up and publishing decision letters is a very important yearly task in the Veracross Admissions Portal. These recordings cover step by step instructions for the following processes: initial configuration, creating decision text templates, and ultimately publishing decisions to the portal. We hope you will join us!


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Online Re-Enrollment Tune Up Webinars


October 21, 2015

The following three videos should aid in the Re-Enrollment process for schools who implemented the module in past years and are using it again this year. Schools implementing Online Re-Enrollment should go here to learn more about the process.

Re-Enrollment Tune Up Process

This first video includes details for managing the "Tune Up" process including timeline details, the tools used to manage the process, and more. This video should be watched before setting up the Kick Off call with a Veracross Account Manager.  Video is 11 minutes.

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Re-Enrollment Module Review

This second video includes a review of the Online Re-Enrollment module along with how to review your school's ORE configuration in preparation for going live this coming year. This video should also be watched before having the Kick Off call with a Veracross Account Manager. Video is 28 minutes.

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Re-Enrollment Todo Review

This last video covers how to complete Todo items related to preparing to launch Online Re-Enrollment. This video can be watched after the initial Kick Off call with a Veracross Account Manager. Video is 20 minutes.

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New Re-Enrollment Implementation Webinars

This year for the 15-16 Online Re-Enrollment season, there are a number of resources available to make the process efficient, and successful. 

The first video outlines the process for implementing the Re-Enrollment module. This video should be watched before scheduling a kick off meeting with a Veracross Account Manager. The video lasts 30 minutes. 

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The second video contains a review of the Online Re-Enrollment module with a focus on communicating details that help enable filling out Re-Enrollment implementation worksheets. Ideally this video would be watched before the kick off call as well. The video lasts 23 minutes.

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The third video should be watched after the kick off meeting and contains step by step instructions for going through configuration items that each school is responsible for during the implementation. The video lasts 24 minutes.

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One more video will be provided on testing before going live. That video will be available on October 28th.

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Communication Tools for Your Admissions Department

October 8th, 2015

Learn: The new Veracross communication features have a lot to offer your Admissions Department. Use Channels, Themes, and Templates to increase the effectiveness of your communication with prospects, applicants, and their families. This webinar will train you to effectively use the new communication features to further your communication goals. 

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Online (Re)Enrollment

October 1, 2015

Demo: Still doing paper contracts? Learn how you can transform your enrollment and re-enrollment processes by bringing them online using the Veracross Online Enrollment Module. Personalized, customized, and integrated, see how Veracross can improve this critical business process for your school. This recorded webinar will provide a thorough introduction to the module including how to gather student permissions, family updates, and payments, as well as how to see up-to-the-minute numbers providing instant feedback.

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Financial Aid

September 29, 2015

Demo: The Veracross Financial Aid module is your ticket to successfully managing your financial aid applications, checklists, aid amounts, and personalized financial aid letters. View this recording to give you an overview of the module and its features including the integration between the FinancialAid module and Veracross Online (Re)Enrollment. 

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