What's New in Admissions

In this webinar, get a preview of the new features coming to the admission portal 3.0, plus learn about the implementation process. The new admission portal includes:

  • Platform upgrade to 3.0: overhauled aesthetic in line with parent, student, and teacher portals

  • Greater configuration flexibility

  • The ability to add multiple admission portals (e.g., one for the regular school year and one for your summer program)

  • Create school-defined checklist item categories

  • Parents can update their demographic information

  • New inquiry forms

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New Admissions Features - Fall 2016

October 6, 2016

Learn: This webinar recording covers three new Admission Module features. During the 22 minute runtime, it covers the ability for a school to control what requirements must be met before an Application record is created, the new Account Lookup feature that helps schools avoid duplicates, and the ability to control which applications show up in the Admissions Portal.

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How to Set up and Publish Decision Letters

January 21, 2016

Learn: Setting up and publishing decision letters is a very important yearly task in the Veracross Admissions Portal. These recordings cover step by step instructions for the following processes: initial configuration, creating decision text templates, and ultimately publishing decisions to the portal. We hope you will join us!


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