Alumni events using Veracross Event Registration

May 2017

Learn: The Veracross Event Registration module is a great way to have your school's Alumni sign up for meet-ups, banquets, and much more. In addition, the signup process can be used to collect updated information on your Alumni, and even give them a chance to donate. This webinar recording will show you how to leverage this module for this important constituency.

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Adding Event Registrations

March 8, 2016

Learn: There are many great uses for the Veracross Event Registration module. This webinar recording gives step by step instructions for four of the most common use cases. Those will be: setting up a fine arts ticket sales form, capturing parental permission for field trips, having alumni sign up for a meet up, and additionally, setting up a questions form to capture data from those who sign up.


1. Fine Arts Ticket Sales

2. Field Trip Permissions and Questions Form

3. Alumni Event

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